Bringing Ideas to Life
Global Target Ventures is a small but powerful and ambitious venture capital company focused on supporting companies in the early stages of their journey to Unicorn Status.
You can obtain the funds for financing your ideas, technologies or inventions.
Conducting all the necessary scientific and technical expertise, including the organization of specialized expertise.
Legal support
Legal binding of the transaction, preparation of all documents, support. In a negative scenario - protection of your technology rights in the courts.
Business planning and marketing
Assistance in business planning and building financial models. Partnership in issues of entering direct contacts with potential customers of technology or technology-based product.
We will help you to patent your invention all over the world.
Priority areas
We consider scientific and more applied projects from any field. Even if your project does not belong to any of the domains listed below, please do send us your application and we will definitely consider it.
R&D in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, new drugs, treatment methods, etc.
Projects related to the development of industrial engineering, construction and operation of enterprises and infrastructure facilities, etc.
New developments in the field of construction and operation of any vehicles and engines.
R&D in the field of any renewable energy sources, solar energy, wind energy, etc.
Production of petroleum products, extraction and processing of various types of fuel.
Innovations in the development of automated technical systems. Construction, industrial, household, medical, aviation, military, space, underwater robotics.
Development of new chemicals with valuable properties for use in medicine, construction, industry, space, biology, etc.
Projects from the field of processing, storage and transmission of information.
Financing on any stages
We accept projects for financing at any stage of the life cycle - from the idea stage to the finished test sample.
We work all over the world
We have several representative offices in the CIS countries, Europe and the USA. If necessary, our specialists are ready to fly to anywhere in the world.
Security of your intellectual property
Protect your inventions and conceptions under our guarantee. We will ensure security of your intellectual property.
No third parties
You will have no concerns about third parties. You will only operate jointly with our Venture Capital Fund.
There are no financial risks
Developers do not invest their money in the project. All financing is carried out exclusively from the funds of our Fund, and the Fund also assumes all possible risks.
Marketing and Sales
We help in solving any issues - we are also ready to allocate additional funds for marketing and sales organization.
Big success starts with a small idea
Apply now and let your business reach higher goals.
How do I get funding?
Submit your request using the form on the website.
Call from a specialist
Within 2-5 days you will receive a call from our specialist to get acquainted and clarify all the details.
The project will be reviewed by a group of specialized experts and investment analysts. This stage can take 2 to 5 weeks.
Determination of all financing conditions and sponsoring your development.

We value your trust and ready to answer all your questions.

Since the day one, we have been on a mission to build a balanced portfolio of promising IT and science startups.

Global Target Ventures area of interest covers AI, AdTech, HealthTech, Green Transportation, Consumer electronics, product companies and vast range of sci-tech inventions. Here's some of our latest deals.

Management & Team
  • Pavel Aleshin
    Managing Partner
  • Eli Yakubov
    Executive Manager
  • Juriu Suleiumanoff
    Investment Analyst
  • Yuri Orlov
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